SolutionSource® is a marketplace of authorized technology solutions that extend the corporate travel program.

One size fits all doesn’t work with travel programs. Each of our clients has special challenges and nuances that make them, and their travel programs, unique. With SolutionSource, clients can partner with leading technology providers to create a program customized to their specific needs.

As new technologies continue to emerge within the travel industry, the SolutionSource marketplace allows BCD Travel to bring new solutions to our clients in a simple, secure way. These solutions are designed to help:

  • Optimize program spend
  • Influence traveler behavior
  • Drive operational efficiencies

All SolutionSource partners are evaluated prior to being included in the marketplace, giving clients confidence in choosing a solution that is compatible with their BCD managed travel program.

For technology partners, SolutionSource puts a framework in place to make it easier to integrate into BCD’s proprietary platforms. We provide standard APIs and developer tools to further standardize integration, implementation, and process. Through the SolutionSource marketplace, partners can grow their reach within BCD’s global client base.

Interested in becoming a partner? Let us know!