Bring everyone into one powerful workspace where you can see everything as it is booked and tagged, even if the booking was made directly with the supplier.


Travel data is integrated post-ticketing and provided to your internal arrangers so they can consolidate, organize, and manage it.


Give back 16+ hours a month per travel arranger on your team and provide up to 99% visibility for managers during reconciliation.

About Tripgrid

Tripgrid’s centralized platform helps you and your team manage group travel data and streamline process by employing systems from the world of modern productivity software.

Our management software is for project-based group travel that falls outside the scope of traditional meetings and events travel and standard strategic meetings management workflows. If you have internal arrangers who move teams of similar travelers to and from one or more locations to execute on a project or event, then Tripgrid is for you.

Our customers say that we reduce human-error, increase visibility, enable real-time data tracking, and improve communication for their traveling teams.

Empowered Travel Teams

Personalized information for your travelers. Rich insights to inform your decisions.

Stronger Supplier Partner Relationships

Capture traveler reviews and feedback. Communicate personalized benefits and promotions.

Managed Content

Tripism will take the strain. Integrates with your OBT and intranet.

About Tripism

Tripism is a unique, intelligent platform for travel managers, business travelers and your travel suppliers. We are not your usual business travel company. By presenting business travelers with personalized travel information and enabling them to connect to share their experiences and exchange travel tips, planning trips is quicker, simpler and traveling becomes more productive and enjoyable. Tripism enables a step change in traveler engagement and experience. The deep insights provided by the Tripism platform empowers travel managers to increase travel effectiveness and reduce costs. Tripism enables a dynamic improvement in supplier relations through the Supplier Portal. Strengthening these important relationships, driving engagement and driving better value.

Exclusive Access To Premium Airport Wellness Activities

Sanctifly members get exclusive access to airport hotel gyms, pools, spas and more. Help your clients access wellness activities all over the world.

Help make travel wellness a priority

Health and wellness have never been so important for frequent flyers returning to travel. Help your clients to prioritize their health while on the road with a Sanctifly membership.

About Sanctifly

Sanctifly is the world’s largest travel wellness club. We collect and curate all the healthy alternatives when traveling, giving our members exclusive access to airport hotel gym, pool, spa and lounge facilities without having to book a room. Everything the frequent traveler needs to travel well.  

Members get exclusive access to thousands of premium airport activities, exclusive membership benefits, bespoke travel wellness content from industry experts and carefully curated healthy airport guides.

We believe that health and wellness should be part of everyone’s work/life balance and should never be compromised by frequent traveling. Particularly now during and post COVID 19, Sanctifly helps travelers to make their wellness a priority and helps to build healthy travel habits while on the road.

Automatically identify compliance risks

Identify tax, immigration, social security, and other compliance risks and exposures due to business travel by seamlessly aggregating, analyzing, and visualizing employee travel and physical presence data from your choice of multiple sources, including travel bookings, expenses, active tracking, timesheets and more.

A complete compliance solution

Effortlessly manage pre, post, and ongoing-travel compliance via custom configured business policies, embedded logic and compliance rules for payroll withholding, permanent establishment, A1 certifications, EU Posted Worker issues, Brexit, immigration compliance etc.

Confidence, reliability, and the best user experience

Automated workflows, early-warning alerts, custom-configured data feeds, and third-party integrations (travel, expense, timesheet, HRIS, payroll, and other service providers) eliminate the manual headache of business travel compliance and leave you with reliable, audit-ready data and insights.

About Topia

Topia is the leader in Global Talent Mobility. We empower enterprise HR teams to deploy, manage, and engage employees anywhere in the world. The Topia Global Talent Mobility platform enables businesses to deliver mobility as part of a broader talent and business strategy with enhanced employee experiences. The Topia platform automates the entire global talent mobility process, from scenario-based planning, compliance risk management, multi-jurisdiction payroll withholding, reporting, and more.

New Insights

Gain insight into the climate impact of your organization’s business flights.

Certified contributions

Contribute to certified projects which help reduce carbon emissions in underdeveloped countries, and contribute to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development goals.

Direct Invoicing

Receive offsetting invoicing directly, ensuring it always hits the right budget.

About Climate Neutral Group

There’s an increasing awareness of the impact CO₂ emissions have on the environment. For international companies, the impact of their business flights are a large part of their carbon footprint and an important part of their environmental policy. However, in most cases, flying is inevitable. By offsetting your flights, you can take responsibility of the CO₂ your organization emits. With GreenSeat by Climate Neutral Group, you can reliably offset your CO₂ emissions automatically. The offsetting is included directly on the invoice, ensuring the correct travel budget is charged.

Effortless Savings

Using proprietary algorithms, FairFly searches for lower fares post-booking to identify 4% savings annually on average.

Global Reach

FairFly offers their service globally (Americas, EMEA, & APAC) any point of sale that uses Sabre, Amadeus, or Travelport.

Zero Disruption

FairFly searches before and after booking to find lower fares for the exact same flight, same plane, same cabin class, and same seat.

About FairFly

FairFly is easy to use and can track 99% of all global flight prices. Using sophisticated technology FairFly outperforms other providers to find savings on any route. Once one of your travelers books a flight, we get to work immediately – we scan the GDS continually for price drops so that tickets can be cancelled and rebooked at a cheaper rate. You get the net savings (our record is $11,488 USD) and your traveler stays on the same plane, on the same route, in the same cabin – and in virtually all cases the traveler keeps the same seat. 

Maximum savings

Estimated 2-5% savings of the total corporate air spend.

True global solution

Corporations can implement our program globally, across all major GDSs.


Lower airfare ticket found maintains same cancelation conditions as the original ticket in case of final trip change or cancelation through Trappit’s insurance which covers any incremental change or cancelation fee between the original and the lower fare ticket.

About Trappit

Trappit uses a proprietary software called ARPO® (Airline Revenue Price Optimization) to monitor airline ticket information. The algorithm searches for lower fares on purchased airline tickets and when it finds a lower fare, it notifies BCD Travel, so they can rebook the ticket, generating savings. 

ARPO® searches for same ticket like by like (same carrier, flight number, data, time and cabin class) with the exception of the fare or price. Searching for a lower fare continues in real time every few seconds until the day of departure.  

ARPO® offers corporations tremendous customization according to client preferences (e.g., establishing a minimum savings threshold, excluding certain employees from savings program, stop searching 24 hours before flight departure, etc).

Trappit, founded in Europe in 2014, opened its North America office in 2018. Trappit received runner-up for Most Innovate Technology Travel Solution at the Innovate BTN conference held in New York in October 2018 where new tech advancements were presented to over 400 large corporations and travel agencies.

Park ‘N Fly is the leader in off-airport parking with over 50 years of operating experience and a focus on the business traveler.

Save money versus expensive on-airport parking and provide your travelers a higher level of service.

Park ‘N Fly offers a network of quality off-airport parking facilities in over 50 US markets.

About Park ‘N Fly

Airport parking is often an unmanaged spend but through Park ‘N Fly, travel managers will find an easy solution that provides savings and reduced parking expenses. Discounted rates are available and there are no program activation fees. Park ‘N Fly offers multiple solutions for travelers to find and book airport parking. In addition to the website and app, Park ‘N Fly offers the only network of off-airport facilities that can be booked directly in the Concur travel tool.

Automated technology

Research, apply, and manage travel documents entirely online

Worldwide access

Provide a consolidated global solution for your travel program


Reduce costs with all-inclusive pricing that has eliminated expediting charges and extra fees

About VisaHQ

Travel documents are a small, yet critical part of international travel. VisaHQ’s end-to-end solution streamlines the entire application process and has completely changed what it means to apply for a visa or passport. With proactive visa notification alerts sent immediately after booking, travelers can complete their applications via a secure online platform without having to manually fill out paper forms or pay expensive expediting fees.

Available on a global basis, VisaHQ works with clients of all sizes and delivers consistency and dependability, allowing travelers to arrive on-time, every-time.

Drive greater productivity by helping travelers and travel arrangers proactively manage disruptions by predicting and planning for them

Improve employee wellness by mitigating disruptions and identifying travelers at risk of burnout

Quantify the business impact of disruptions, and engage suppliers in data-driven negotiations

About Lumo

Lumo delivers 360-degree visibility into past, current, and future flight disruptions. Lumo’s powerful machine learning algorithms synthesize airline, weather, air traffic control, and historical data to predict delays hours to weeks out, to help you be prepared and proactively manage disruptions. The Lumo Enterprise Suite has three components— the Lumo App for travelers to get predictive and real-time notifications; Lumo Navigator for admins and meetings organizers to view and manage current and predicted disruptions; and Lumo Spotlight for Travel Managers, HR, and Procurement to quantify the impact of disruptions, and get insights into traveler friction, airline performance, and predictive accuracy.

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