Category: Guest travel

Make their first impression a great one.

  • Reduce overhead: Pana handles all of the logistics of bringing guests on-site so your recruiters, office managers, coordinators, and EAs can focus on higher-value work.
  • Deliver a great guest experience: Travel is a key part of your welcome package to guests such as recruits, customers and partners. Pana is the industry leader for a well-planned and seamless guest travel experience.
  • Optimize finance processes: Pana centrally reconciles and bills all guest expenses, including flights, hotels, ground transportation—even incidentals like meals or wifi.

Most travel systems were built for full-time employees—not for your company's guests like on-site interviews, new-hire trainings, interns, speakers, partners, contractors, customers, or board members.

These types of travelers usually don’t have profiles in your online booking tool, are unaware of the travel policy, and have no corporate card to pay for travel (especially the hotel!). Plus, these are important travelers, so their experience needs to go well!

Pana solves these problems and more with the first corporate travel platform exclusively for guest trips.

Launched in 2016, Pana is trusted by high-growth startups to the largest public companies to deliver a great first impression to their guests through word-class travel technology.