Valuable benefit to employees

They could be entitled to €600 in compensation for the hassle of being delayed on a business trip

Hassle free

AirHelp handles the claim and communicates directly with the passenger, so there’s no cost or effort for your business

Risk free

Employees are free to choose whether they use AirHelp, and there’s no fee until the claim is successful

About AirHelp

Your team members could be owed as much as €600 if their flights are delayed, canceled, or overbooked. AirHelp are the world leaders in claiming flight disruption compensation.

AirHelp uses flight data to identify when a flight qualifies for compensation. Affected team members will receive an email informing them of the potential claim, and they can choose if they want to pursue it. If they decide to use AirHelp, experienced staff will handle all the hard work of claiming compensation from the airline, and send the money straight to your team member’s bank account, minus the fee.

Drive greater productivity by helping travelers and travel arrangers proactively manage disruptions by predicting and planning for them

Improve employee wellness by mitigating disruptions and identifying travelers at risk of burnout

Quantify the business impact of disruptions, and engage suppliers in data-driven negotiations

About Lumo

Lumo delivers 360-degree visibility into past, current, and future flight disruptions. Lumo’s powerful machine learning algorithms synthesize airline, weather, air traffic control, and historical data to predict delays hours to weeks out, to help you be prepared and proactively manage disruptions. The Lumo Enterprise Suite has three components— the Lumo App for travelers to get predictive and real-time notifications; Lumo Navigator for admins and meetings organizers to view and manage current and predicted disruptions; and Lumo Spotlight for Travel Managers, HR, and Procurement to quantify the impact of disruptions, and get insights into traveler friction, airline performance, and predictive accuracy.

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