Empowered Travel Teams

Personalized information for your travelers. Rich insights to inform your decisions.

Stronger Supplier Partner Relationships

Capture traveler reviews and feedback. Communicate personalized benefits and promotions.

Managed Content

Tripism will take the strain. Integrates with your OBT and intranet.

About Tripism

Tripism is a unique, intelligent platform for travel managers, business travelers and your travel suppliers. We are not your usual business travel company. By presenting business travelers with personalized travel information and enabling them to connect to share their experiences and exchange travel tips, planning trips is quicker, simpler and traveling becomes more productive and enjoyable. Tripism enables a step change in traveler engagement and experience. The deep insights provided by the Tripism platform empowers travel managers to increase travel effectiveness and reduce costs. Tripism enables a dynamic improvement in supplier relations through the Supplier Portal. Strengthening these important relationships, driving engagement and driving better value.

Automatically identify compliance risks

Identify tax, immigration, social security, and other compliance risks and exposures due to business travel by seamlessly aggregating, analyzing, and visualizing employee travel and physical presence data from your choice of multiple sources, including travel bookings, expenses, active tracking, timesheets and more.

A complete compliance solution

Effortlessly manage pre, post, and ongoing-travel compliance via custom configured business policies, embedded logic and compliance rules for payroll withholding, permanent establishment, A1 certifications, EU Posted Worker issues, Brexit, immigration compliance etc.

Confidence, reliability, and the best user experience

Automated workflows, early-warning alerts, custom-configured data feeds, and third-party integrations (travel, expense, timesheet, HRIS, payroll, and other service providers) eliminate the manual headache of business travel compliance and leave you with reliable, audit-ready data and insights.

About Topia

Topia is the leader in Global Talent Mobility. We empower enterprise HR teams to deploy, manage, and engage employees anywhere in the world. The Topia Global Talent Mobility platform enables businesses to deliver mobility as part of a broader talent and business strategy with enhanced employee experiences. The Topia platform automates the entire global talent mobility process, from scenario-based planning, compliance risk management, multi-jurisdiction payroll withholding, reporting, and more.

Actionable Travel Insights

Provide insights and alerts to travelers about their health & safety, trip disruption, destination, Covid-19, supplier intelligence, and other relevant custom messaging to make the booking process better.

Spend and Behavior Guidance

Help travelers discover the best choice by leveraging the Tripkicks Budget, presenting less-expensive options, and guiding them towards compliant and better decisions.

Enhanced Traveler Experience

Empower travelers with the information to make better decisions, motivate them to go above and beyond, and enhance the booking tool to create a better traveler experience.

About Tripkicks

Now more than ever, companies and travelers are looking for ways to make business travel better.

Travelers need better access to important information when booking their trip so they can make better decisions and be more informed of potential trip disruptions to help ensure their trip is successful. 

Companies need to help guide their travelers so that they can make better decisions and ensure their employees stay safe, are more informed, and are empowered to achieve their goals.

Tripkicks provides travelers with actionable travel insights and allows companies to provide better spend and behavior guidance to support travelers, achieve their goals, and enhance traveler experience.


An intuitive way to reduce corporate travel costs


Comprehensive insights and analytics to help optimize your travel program


Valuable rewards foster a culture of cost-sensitivity

About Rocketrip

Rocketrip saves companies money on business travel. The platform produces custom trip budgets for employees and motivates them to spend less by letting them keep half of what they save. As the global leader in Incentivized Behavioral Change, Rocketrip inspires thoughtful spending by giving employees a stake in their company’s bottom line. Rocketrip works on top of a company’s existing travel management technology stack to change the way employees think about spending money on travel.

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