Fully Automated Travel and Expense Solution

Evaluates employee expense and determines tax implications for your organization in real-time

Complete Reporting with Easy Customization to Fit your Workflow Rules

Blue dot has built out a robust reporting engine that can be easily customized to your expense reporting requirements and workflow rules

Better Audit Outcomes

100% Coverage across all travel and Expense Transactions means that you’ll have better audit outcomes

About Blue dot

Blue dot is changing tax compliance through technology. Our knowledge base and artificial intelligence tools detect and eliminate errors on taxable employee driven spend – ensuring you are compliant, maximize how tax is assessed, have easier audits and better audit outcomes. Blue dot eliminates the labor costs associated with manual compliance and the risk of error associated with subjective human review. The Blue dot integration with Solution Source provides:

Automated Compliance: The Blue dot knowledge base is constantly updated in real-time with the latest tax implications on employee-driven spend.

Audit-Proof Intelligence: Blue dot was founded in 2013 to detect and eliminate non-compliant spend. Our knowledge team is supported by global tax experts who understand the law and how it can affect your bottom-line.

Scalable: Blue dot can be configured to align with your individual risk profiles and changing business needs as well as your company policies.

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