Category: VAT reclaim

TAXEO reduces business travel costs by the automated recovery of value-added tax incurred in Europe.

  • eRefund, unique to Taxeo creates 100% compliant electronic invoices to support VAT reclaims
  • Use of technology reduces errors and minimizes costly manual processes
  • Hotels and other travel suppliers can directly help their corporate clients reclaim VAT, at no direct cost to them, adding to upfront savings from the use of preferred rates with back-end tax reimbursement
Taxeo VAT revolution

Taxeo has different ways of recovering your VAT to maximize your reimbursement.

Through eRefund TAXEO solves the main challenges to efficient VAT recovery: it eliminates non-compliant invoices and reduces the dependency on paper invoices.

Affiliated merchants send data to Taxeo, which automatically creates a VAT compliant electronic invoice.
E-invoices are stamped and stored for the time legally required.

You and your supplier can easily access them on-line.

Taxeo can also retrieve your invoices from Expense Management Solutions.

And if you like it the old way, you can also send us your paper invoices while you evolve into the eRefund.