Category: Price monitoring

The hotel rate shopping service for travel managers.

  • Keep hotel costs low by monitoring your booked hotel rates daily and capturing lower rates
  • Increase traveler compliance by spotlighting hotel savings opportunities and corralling open bookings
  • Measure, benchmark, and value your hotel program with robust analytical tools

TRIPBAM improves the savings achieved and effectiveness of clients’ hotel programs through its hotel rate re-shopping and rebooking service as well as through TRIPBAM analytics. The hotel rate re-shopping and rebooking service searches daily for lower rates taking advantage of daily rate fluctuations to find savings on already booked hotels and then rebooks those reservations at lower rates that meet each client’s pre-defined rules. By shopping each client’s bookings daily and recording that shopping history, TRIPBAM delivers analytics that enable clients to monitor hotel program performance daily, make improvements during the year, and strengthen their negotiating position during the annual hotel program renewal.