Category: Duty of care

Operate Globally with Confidence.

  • Quickly locate, contact, and assist personnel globally
  • Help your travelers avoid or minimize potential risks impacting their safety and productivity
  • Decrease operational risks and costs while improving employee peace of mind
iJet multi-platform

WorldAware's intelligence-driven TRM solutions alert multinational organizations and millions of travelers and expatriates about disruptive events before they occur, allowing time to adjust travel or meeting plans. When the unpredictable happens, fast notification provides personnel, travel managers and security teams with the information and advice they need to respond quickly – reducing risks and costs.

Combining the best of WorldAware's world-class intelligence, award-winning technologies and global response services, WorldAware's TRM solutions help you optimize your risk management program – giving you a competitive advantage while helping to fulfill your Duty of Care in a dynamic risk environment.