Category: Price monitoring

Yapta brings confidence in travel.

  • With over 7,000 clients, Yapta’s corporate travel solutions provide price assurance for both air and hotel, maximizing savings for the entire trip across public and negotiated pricing.
  • Proprietary savings dashboards provide real-time visability into essential program-specific data, enhancing the ability to improve travel program performance, negotiate with suppliers, and audit results.
  • Yapta identifies price drops on identical itineraries – domestically, internationally, and globally – for airfare and hotel rates, ensuring travelers are never disrupted.

Yapta’s corporate travel solutions:

From the time of ticketing to the day of departure, FareIQ™ dynamically monitors prices on ticketed airfares and instantly sends alerts when savings found on identical itineraries are significant enough to re-ticket.

RoomIQ™ dynamically monitors hotel bookings looking for price reductions and amenity gains on comparable rooms at the same hotel, sending instant alerts if your room rate drops.